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Product certification refers to the activity of certifying by a third-party certification body that can be fully trusted that an identified product conforms to a specific standard or other technical specifications.


Organic certification

Organic products refer to products produced, processed and sold in accordance with the standards for human consumption and animal consumption. China's "Organic products" national standard stipulates that chemical synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, feed additives, as well as genetically engineered organisms and their products shall not be used in the production process of organic products.

Organic product certification refers to the activities of the certification body to evaluate the production and processing of organic products in accordance with the provisions of the national standard for Organic Products, the Management Measures for Organic Product Certification and the Implementation Rules for Organic Product Certification. Organic products sold in China are subject to certification by certification bodies approved by the CNCA.

The evaluation of organic inputs (organic fertilizers) is for enterprises with fertilizer/pesticide registration certificates, according to the current assessment of organic fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers, microbial agents, marsh fertilizers and different dosage forms of biopesticides.