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Provisions for the Handling of Appeals, Complaints and Disputes


  1. Scope of appeals , complaints and disputes

BCC accepts appeals, complaints and disputes from internal employees, certified organizations and any external interested parties (including but not limited to government, accreditation bodies, BCC investors, BCC related parties, users or acceptors of BCC certification conclusions, etc.). The contents are as follows:

    1. Objections to the results of the certification audit conclusions and the test data of the testing service by BCC Inc.;
    2. Objections to the suspension, withdrawn and cancellation of the management system certification made by BCC Inc.;
    3. Dissatisfaction or complaints about the certification, testing services by BCC Inc.;
    4. Violation of discipline and irregularities involving the staff of BCC Inc.;
    5. The legality, impartiality and non-discrimination of the certification and audit activities of BCC Inc.;
    6. Actions by the staff of BCC Inc. that harm the legitimate rights and interests of the audited party/certified organization.
  1. Handling of appeals
    1. The appealer shall submit written appeals with BCC’s Legal Affairs and Technology Dept. within 30 working days after receiving notification of the BCC's certification decision or outcome of complaint and dispute.
    2. BCC’s Legal Affairs and Technology Dept. shall make a decision on the appeals and promptly notify the appealer in writing of the outcome of the complaint within one month of receipt of the appeals.
  2. Handling of complaints or disputes
    1. Complaints or disputes may be carried out by written letter or other channels. The complainant shall provide details of the facts of complaints, proof documents with stamp. Anonymous complaints are generally not processed. (Based on the characteristics of SA8000 certification, risks of BCC, users of SA8000 certification reports, and the stakeholders who accept certificates, anonymous complaints involving SA8000 certification applicants, organizations, stakeholders and certification personnel need to be handled according to the complaint, complaints and disputes handling requirements.)
    2. In the case of a signed complaint, BCC shall promptly investigate and verify the situation reported, fully understand all the information of the parties, conduct an on-site investigation to obtain evidence if necessary, submit a handling opinion or measure within one month, and notify the complainant or the party concerned in writing
  3. If the appealer is not satisfied with the outcome of BCC's handling of appeals, complaints/disputes or believes that BCC's conduct has seriously infringed its legitimate interests, it may file a complaint with the certification authority and the accreditation body.
  4. Any costs incurred in the handling of appeals, complaints or disputes shall be charged to the responsible party.
  5. Constraint rules for investigation team members (staff in Legal Affairs & Technical Dept)
    1. Team members who deal with appeals/complaints/disputes are responsible for confidentiality of any non-public information obtained in processing.
    2.  Team members who are directly involved in appeals/complaints/disputes shall remain objective and impartial.
    3. Team members who have conflict of interest in appeals/complaints/disputes shall avoid handling the appeals/complaints/disputes.

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