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The EPD is a Type III environmental declaration based on the ISO 14025 standard. According to ISO 14025 and each product PCR, from the product life cycle, accounting functional unit products in the impact of environmental data (including non-renewable resources, climate change, acidification, eutrophication, human toxicity, etc.) issued reports and statements. It is implemented, managed and supervised by the EPD Programme Operator. Environmental product declarations are usually valid for a maximum of five years.

As the most widely used Type III product environmental compliance declaration in the world, the EPD system covers almost the whole world and covers all types of products and services. EPD is the most recognized and authoritative project promoted by the "Global Sustainable Development Organization Platform".

As the operator of the independent Type III Environmental Declaration EPD project, Kiwa is the inspection and certification body of Eco-Platform platform operating in China, which can help buyers and consumers better understand the sustainability and environmental impact of products, and protect the export of products through EPD!

Kiwa's own EPD software can connect with international and domestic mainstream databases.


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