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Restaurant food service certification


Catering service certification is a means of service standardization to improve the service quality of service providers and promote the healthy, orderly and standardized development of catering service industry.

Food and beverage service certification is based on customer perception and evaluates the environment, service facilities, service contact process, food safety and other aspects of food and beverage service. In the way of certification, the results of food and beverage service quality evaluation are expressed to service buyers, which is more conducive to the brand development of food and beverage service enterprises.

Restaurant food service certification is based on RB/T 309-2017 "Food Service Certification Requirements". This certification is mainly for a fixed location, lunch, dinner based and served by the waiter food service enterprises.

Through certification, the company will show the service quality of the restaurant in the way of "level evaluation" to promote the improvement of its own service level and management efficiency, so as to be in an invincible position in the competition. It can be said that this certification is one of the important means for the branding development of catering enterprises and the improvement of service level.


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